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WhiteWall Tires on your Car
Real Rubber White Wall Tire Kits
Secured to your original tires

Gives you this look

Plus a Lifetime Guarantee on your tires.

Under normal use.

WhiteWall Tire Kits, for cars, trucks, motorbikes, scooters
    1.2"                                                          1.5"
Tired of those Black Wall Tires Everyone has?

Get Yourself a real rubber White Wall Tire Kit
From myteamgenie
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1.5" Kit of 4= $275.00 Plus shipping & tax
         1.2" Kit of 4= $185.45 plus shipping & tax

Lettering extra

   set of 15 letters $49.00 plus tax




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Decals $7.50 Each


To Inform you of Rimsavers low cost to Protect your Alloy car wheel rims
from damaging Road side Curb scuffing & expensive road Pot Hole repairs
could be the difference between selling your car or fixing it when it happens.
Alloy Wheel Rim Repair Curbed & Scuffed wheels
Generally have more surface damage
Pothole Damage Repair
An increasing number of wheels damaged by encounters with potholes.
 The cost of wheel repair can vary from $75 to $200 depending on the type of damage,
its severity and the type of wheel. Additional services, such as needing tire removal
and remounting necessaryto complete the repair, may impact the final price.
Enhance the look of your car. Protect your rims from curb scrapes.
Save your Rims from Pot Hole damage Conceal the damage of your rims.
With Rimsavers, Rim Savers™ comes in 12 great stand out enhancing colors.
Save time and money for repair bills..
What Customers Think About RimSavers  Protector.

Many people have never heard of curb scapes, but when they do, it usually costs money.
Curb scrapes destroys wheels! If your car has alloys, watch out.
Those concrete parking curbs along a street edge and the ones that divide parking lot areas are always
tall enough to damage your car’s rims if rubbed against while parking. It’s true, the tires will also rub
but they’ll likely survive with only a mar but the vulnerable and expensive wheel rim will not be okay.

If you’re looking for maximum wheel rim protection, RimSavers are the best product.
Featuring our most durable material, RimSavers are light, strong, and resist tearing on impact.
RimSavers are also perfect for DIY’ers, with a guide “lip” on the top side of the blade
that offers extra protection as well as easy installation.
    RimSavers are perfect for newer rims with a flat face
    RimSavers are backed by a 1 year, no questions asked guarantee

Choice of 12 Colours
   Kit of 4 Rimsavers $90.00  Plus Tax
Free Shipping
Order Your  Rimsavers
Alloy Rim Protector To-Day!

Add WhiteWall Tire Kit's to your Bikes
Set of 2 =
$145.00 Plus tax

Lotsa Scooters
Motor Bikes


Big Rigs  & Hot Rods


They all look Great with WhiteWalls

 The Bitterness of
Remains long
                               after the Sweetness of                             
low price
is forgotten.

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Product Features.
Tredwear & Rimsavers
- Ideal for special events (races, shows, promotion etc.)

- Durability intended for race cars/track cars

- Quick application using peel and stick technology

- 12+ solid colors and PMS color matching available

- Fits all tire sizes

- Please contact us for a quote
Call -1-902-650-0152

- High definition multi-color logo capability

- See photos of these products in
& Rimsavers Website


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